Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yellow Orchid

Here is a painting that I did today. Let me know what you think of the background. This is a watercolor on textured claybord. It is really easy to rework a watercolor and really get into molding certain elements. If I end up not liking this background, it will be easy to paint over the background and make it a dark blue or something.
Utrecht sells these claybords in 6" X 6" (and other sizes). I think you would really like working with this.


  1. Oh yeah, I was listening to The Bare Naked Ladies when I painted the orchid and Al Green when I drew the dot images.

  2. the background is very cool - I can see an entire landscape with birds, wind, flowers, grass, and the moon and stars.

    I also think the colors in the orchid are great - very vibrant which contrasts nicely with the background - I especially like the blue in the shadows.


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