Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tutorial for a mini weaving loom

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I made this loom using scraps and supplies laying around at work. The long board I used is about 3 inches wide, 3/4 inches high, and 18 inches long - just about any size board will work. 

I used safety pins nailed to the short ends of the board to secure the warp threads. You will need to find a nail that fits through the whole of the pin but the head of the nail does not fit through. Nail the pin down, but not too tightly - it's easier to use when it moves a little. 

The wire I used is brass wire approximately 20 gauge (I'm not really sure) - you want the wire to be easy to coil but not so soft it doesn't keep it's shape and spring. I used very small tacks to nail the coils down - you don't want a long nail that sticks through the other side of your loom. I bent the coils so they would stand up about an inch or two from the loom surface. 

You could measure your warp threads to be just big enough to knot the ends and fill the loom, or you could make them longer and tie the far end with a knot that is easy to untie. When you reach the end of weaving space, you can untie the end and lengthen the warp, and secure both ends with the safety pins again. The end that has been woven will get the pin right through the woven fabric and the far end will have a knot again. 

I would love to see if anyone makes their own version of this! It's so much fun to see what we can make with scraps and time - it's all about creative problem solving!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Getting things done.... or not - time to set some goals!

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I've been updating my Daily Visual Journal blog - I'm way behind on this. It seems that when I take on a new challenge and set a big goal, I suddenly stop working on it. It took me a while to write the Daily Visual Journal ebook and .pdf and I published that in January with the intention of updating my own DVJ blog everyday as I finished the journal pages - that obviously hasn't happened - although I keep reading books about productivity, getting things done, and creativity in the hopes that it will somehow force me to complete projects. Well, this month I'm working on my goals and setting deadlines for myself - I have a lot of different projects going on at the same time and I don't want to neglect any of them, so I really need to carve out the time and work - whether I feel motivated or not - and if I have a schedule with deadlines it should help reduce the anxiety of it all since I sometimes feel stuck because I'm pulled in different directions.

Monday, May 13, 2013

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