Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Work in progress - fiber art for Heidelberg show in December

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Lots if stitching and texture - I love the process of each piece and looking at them together is inspiring. The pieces for this show have various textures and embroidery stitches and when shown side be side look amazing :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Inspired Detroit show review

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Thanks to Michael Hodges for reviewing the Inspired Detroit exhibit at the DC3 Accelerator gallery, curated by Katherine Maurer. I'm so thankful that he took the time to go see the show - the article, Visual Grab Bag at the DC3 Accelerator gallery, makes mention of all the artists in the show and the diversity of the work. The article also features a picture of one of my pieces!

The show is up until Oct. 31 - location:
DC3 Accelerator Gallery, Taubman Center for Design Education, 460 W. Baltimore Ave., Detroit

Artists in the show: Gilda Snowden, Topher Crowder, Colin Darke, Yvette Rock, JenClare Gawaran, and Kelly Darke

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