Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Commuter Rail Tale


Here is a slightly better scan of the flower drawing. Also, here is a selection of some of my commuter sketches. I think I will post drawing from my sketch book about once a week to get some feed back. The idea right now is to combine the quick sketches with detailed watercolor paintings--but "the idea" almost always changes. I really like your art therapy daily log/sketch book, and I might try something like that. I tried sketching with a pencil today, and it did not work--but I will try, try again. Hope all is well...tell the fam I said hello.

art craft / craft art

check out this post from my art therapy / knitting blog - I love the idea of craft as art and mixing materials - fine art and craft.. really blurring the lines - in fact I had an idea a while ago that I would make knit "cozies" for everything in my living room - using all white yarn with different patterns like cables and stuff - a cozy for the big ugly couch, one for the tv and tv stand, one for the little coffee table, even one for the rug - like a rug over a rug - so when it's all put together the whole room would look white.... although, that would take a long time of knitting - but good knitting therapy - I'll teach you to knit so you can help me -

check out Craft:

Cool Art Blog

interesting realist watercolorist, any thoughts?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blog Blast


To my left you will see a very blurry picture of a pen and ink drawing of a flower. I am posting it mainly because I said I wanted to blog today, and I kept bugging you about setting up blogger blogging ability (blog is a fantastic word, and I am pretty sure it can be used like smurf...smurf, smurfing, smurfed). Anyway, I wanted to post pictures from my sketchbook, but my computer is working at a blogging slow pace.

The sketchbook has a sketch, pretty much everyday, from my ride on the commuter rail. I am really facinated with the interaction between different riders, and the countless stories that each rider has to share (and, because I am not interviewing any of them, the stories, for the most part, are formulated purely in my mind based on their individuals looks of concern or excitement or etc.). I will expand more when I am able to upload the pics.

By the way, am I suppose to write to you or to the general world wide web?
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