Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Commuter Rail Tale

Here is a slightly better scan of the flower drawing. Also, here is a selection of some of my commuter sketches. I think I will post drawing from my sketch book about once a week to get some feed back. The idea right now is to combine the quick sketches with detailed watercolor paintings--but "the idea" almost always changes. I really like your art therapy daily log/sketch book, and I might try something like that. I tried sketching with a pencil today, and it did not work--but I will try, try again. Hope all is well...tell the fam I said hello.


  1. I'm glad you scanned in that flower again, looks great. I love the sketches from the commuter rail! the little leaves is awesome - the detail looks really good and I love the darke shadows you get with the pen - the man with the hat on looks like such a classic person sleeping in a chair pose - it's very cool - you really captured the feeling of sleeping or maybe not sleeping, maybe he just doesn't want to make eye contact with anyone... you can't really tell if he is sleeping for sure (unless he was snoring or something) -
    the last image of the train with the ceiling is really cool - I like the composition and how it fades away at the bottom left -
    you should try an art therapy journal - it's fun - no rules - although I still get stuck sometimes trying to make a sketch 'perfect' - I really like doing collages in the journal... maybe I'll scan some in....

  2. ok - I was just looking at the last image of the train up close and I like it even more - love the cross hatching and how one person is turning her head to look back - very cool -

    I'm inspired again to start sketching..............


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