Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blog Blast

To my left you will see a very blurry picture of a pen and ink drawing of a flower. I am posting it mainly because I said I wanted to blog today, and I kept bugging you about setting up blogger blogging ability (blog is a fantastic word, and I am pretty sure it can be used like smurf...smurf, smurfing, smurfed). Anyway, I wanted to post pictures from my sketchbook, but my computer is working at a blogging slow pace.

The sketchbook has a sketch, pretty much everyday, from my ride on the commuter rail. I am really facinated with the interaction between different riders, and the countless stories that each rider has to share (and, because I am not interviewing any of them, the stories, for the most part, are formulated purely in my mind based on their individuals looks of concern or excitement or etc.). I will expand more when I am able to upload the pics.

By the way, am I suppose to write to you or to the general world wide web?


  1. very cool sketch - how long is your commute? I can't wait to hear the stories of the people on the train...

    by the way, you can write to me - that might be more interesting - blogging feels a little like talking to a wall, or leaving a message on someones answering machine, you're sort of talking to someone but not really.

  2. are you sketching in pen or pencil?

  3. The commute is about an hour. I am sketching in ink. I probably will start doing some sketches in pencil.

    You know what is bad/sad, I was thinking of bringing my camera on the train with me, but I didn't because I did not want people to get freaked out that I was a terrorist...that is blogging horrible...I also just got nervous about typing the word terrorist--like I would be flagged or something. Again, bloggin horrible.

  4. I have a blogtastic idea - go to this link HERE and make yourself some glasses with a camera - no one would notice you taking pictures - very stealth like -


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