Wednesday, October 22, 2008

inspiration: kia neill graphite drawings

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thesmartestfish: kia neill graphite drawings

I just came across this graphite drawings by Kia Neil through thesmartestfish blog... excellent blog, great for inspiration. I am in awe of the texture of these images and find myself eager to start drawing again.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

inspiration: ghostpatrol

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have you seen this site before? very cool illustrations... I haven't finished looking through it all yet, but I'm inspired by all the unique styles.

Monday, October 20, 2008

inspiration: Lisa Kellner

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Contemporary Sculpture - "Untitled, (The Emperor Has No Clothes)" (Original Art from Lisa Kellner):
Untitled (The Emperor Has No Clothes)

Sculpture-Untitled, (The Emperor Has No Clothes)
Untitled, (The Emperor Has No Clothes)
132' x 228'

"Merging materiality and language, this installation explores aspects of the physical and emotive façade. It examines the nature and efficacy of a cultural veneer while operating on the threshold between physical and cerebral space."

that quote is from her website - I'm not really sure what it means. if anyone can clarify, that would be cool.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

inspiration: Kate Just

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I have been very inspired by knitting lately and always on the lookout for new work and new artists that I haven't seen before. Kate Just is a Melbourne artist creating these large scale knitted sculptures - check her website for more information and more images.

"Kate Just is a Melbourne based artist best known for her sculptural knitting practice informed strongly by emotional and autobiographical references. Experiences of childhood memory, migration, and the death of her brother influenced early works. Imbued with a sense of melancholy and disconnection that came with leaving and losing family, large scale knitted sculptures include Uniform (Dad) (2002) of Just's father in his police uniform, and Family (2004) a sculpture of Just's own family." from her website, Kate Just
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