Monday, July 30, 2007

new watercolor with dried flowers

two new images I work on over the weekend - the red one I did after watching the movie Bridge to Terabithia and the blue one (a little bottom heavy, I think) I started with Grace working on her own watercolor next to me - practicing with our new watercolor pencils. I like the way the watercolor pencils work, I think I would like to get a set with more colors. what watercolors do you use?


  1. my scans are not showing up with accurate colors - the blue painting has some subtle lines and wash that you can't really see in this image.

  2. These are both great. I think the blue balances out the bottom, so that it is not too bottom heavy.

    I have to check, but I am pretty sure I use Utrecht watercolor pencils.

    I really think that if we continue to explore these types of images we will have a very strong body of work. There is an engaging esthetic where you contrast detailed pen and ink with fluid, abstract or simplistic watercolor images.

  3. I meant Windsor Newton pencils.


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