Wednesday, July 04, 2007

New Painting...(needs help!)

Should I stop? Should I have stopped before the flower in the sky? Does the flower need something more? Let me know your thoughts.

Also, this was my first painting (in a while) where I just listened to one album (Stevie Wonder) to see if it has any influence on the colors, composition, etc.


  1. Is this a bird offering a bug to some giant flower in the sky?

  2. I think the music must have had an influence on you - I don't remember ever seeing you use that type of repeated oval pattern. I like it. I think overall the painting looks a little too busy and if you could bring out the bird and the branch some more, then that would create a better balance.

  3. this painting has so much vibrant energy - I wonder what would happen if you listened to the opposite type of music, say Morphine or Chris Isaac...hmmmm


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