Thursday, July 12, 2007

So I was reading Town & Country

(it's Melanie's magazine...which I read all the time...I'm so manly) It had an article about the advent of ipods in Museum settings, audio guides. One of its examples was the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston, so I think I might check that out this weekend and report back to you.

We should try to do something like that once a month, or at least when we get a complete set of work hard would that be?


  1. do you mean for us to do an audio guide of our work? or an audio review of the audio guide at the boston museum? or just an audio clip of you talking? maybe a running commentary of your day? that would be cool!

  2. Yes, I want to do a minute by minute account of my day, I think people would find it really interesting.

    Did you ever see Andy Warhol's movie that was just him sleeping (or at least someone sleeping)?

  3. no, I never saw that - how cool!

    I have a small digital recorder if you would like to borrow it...


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