Wednesday, July 04, 2007

memory fading - new painting

working on a series with the idea of memory - layers of memory, overlapping, fading, changing......


  1. The picture is blurry, so it is difficult to really see the colors or the detail. I like the nonsensical text and the speech balloons, but I think it needs some greater depth and color variation. I also think that you need some elements to contrast against the dripping lines and streaks, because those elements tend to take my eye off of the page. Maybe make the speech balloons more 3-D (like the square elements in your Ocean painting, maybe if have variety by having square speech balloons).

    Also, remember my little red ridding hood painting? I think transferring old photos or children book images would work well with this theme.

  2. I need to take the painting outside and photograph it again - you really can't see it well enough. I've been trying to take pictures of my paintings during the process for a Flickr group and the lighting in my studio isn't sufficient.

    anyway, I had envisioned using black to draw squares around the thought bubbles but didn't do it... hmmmm

  3. ok - I just replaced the image with a better photo - not so blurry now -

    I'll have to look at it for awhile to decide if I want to add any more to it......

  4. I agree with your idea about transferring photos - that would be pretty cool. I'll have to practice the technique before I try it on any of these paintings, but it could work well to have images layered under paint like that...


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