Sunday, July 22, 2007


To get everything we can out of our collaberation, I think we need to really have detailed critiques of each other's work. I think that once a month we should have a decent body of work that the other can write a comprehensive critique. The critique can reference influences and thought processess that have developed in this blog and point out goals. What do you think?


  1. I think that's a great idea - in order for that to work do we each need to write a statement about our goals for the work that will be critiqued? otherwise you would be making assumptions about my thought processes and that could get ugly...
    or it could be lots of fun to pretend we know what the other is thinking.

    it would actually be very cool to get your insight on what you see in my work - a lot of times I see different influences after the work is completed - things I hadn't thought of - or didn't know I was thinking about............

    so, you made it to Boston?

  2. collaboration


  3. Yes we made it to Boston...after a our return flight (like our flight to Detroit) was cancelled, NWA decided to rebook us on different flights, and then we finally got a flight to Manchester, NH and took a cab to Boston. I am not a fan of NWA right now.


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