Friday, July 13, 2007

have you checked your smoke detector lately?

an apartment in the middle of our complex was completely ablaze this morning at around 10am. we could see from our front porch the top floor apartment was burning. black smoke everywhere. their porch completely burned down. I took that picture with the firefighter on the ladder still working to put it out completely.

on another note, art therapy is great - grace saw the fire and listened to our neighbors all concerned about it and so she was a little scared and concerned as well (rightly so, it's a scary situation) - so right away we talked about what was happening and then did an art project based on what we saw. she drew pictures of things that can start a fire, the fire truck and firefighters, the building on fire, the people that lived there (one of which had a good idea to call 911), then she drew a picture of a new house without any fire. the relief she felt was obvious - she wasn't scared anymore and we talked about it more and went to look at how they were taking care of everything.

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