Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Inspiration - Design*Sponge


Inspiration of the day -
I just recently came across this site from a link from another blog (whipup, I think) and they feature some incredible work - I was looking today and noticed two artists that I had not seen before - Jessica Polka of Wunderkammer making super cool crocheted sea creatures and Stepanie DeArmond, a ceramics artist.. ceramicist.. artist who works with ceramics... anyway, check it out - lots of cool stuff........................


  1. I really like DeArmond’s work. The words spelled out in ceramics is awesome...I want the “SWEET” one. Both of these artists (and a growing number of artists that I have seen on the web) take conventional mediums and use them in unconventional ways. I love the fact that I am looking at ceramics or textile work in a new way! There are several artists that incorporate graphic art elements or cartoon elements (or graffiti elements) with more traditional painting techniques.

    That is it! I will incorporate a cartoon into my next work...what do you want to see? A cat maybe, or a dog, or a cowboy, or a dragon, or a combination of all four, a “dogon catboy” or “dragoncat-dogboy” or “cowcat dragdog.”

  2. I vote for "dogon catboy"...

    did I tell you an idea I had a while ago to have dj ax graffiti my work? it would be cool to have a whole show hanging and then let him come in and tag the whole place - walls and paintings. it would be possible to cover the walls with paper that people could also take home after the show........

    I also want the "SWEET" piece...

  3. I think we did talk about that before, we should totally do that...I would love to do a bunch of kitch or paint-by-number works and have dj as graffiti the show.

  4. I was thinking large flower paintings - and I think you meant to type dj ax - cuz I don't know any dj as....

  5. You don't know dj as...wow, you are lame...everyone who is anyone know dj as!


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