Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Progression and another gift

Here is a drawing I sent to the newest member of the Darke clan, and another "moment in time" of my nest drawing.

Did you notice the superior climbing technique?


  1. jack and the beanstalk is great! I like that the beanstalk looks like DNA strands, was that planned?

    nest is looking great -

    I need to get to work........

  2. by the way, are you using a reference for nest? it looks very natural.

  3. I noticed the duble helix image once I did an initial sketch, but I did not think that much of is really not suppose to be a DNA strand, but it is cool that it kind of looks like one.

    The nest is based of a photo and various twigs I see laying around and off of my imagination. Originally it was going to be just off of the photo, but too many spots are blurred so I needed to weeve in some twigs to make sure the nest made sense.


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