Sunday, September 23, 2007

Memory series

so, I haven't been totally slacking off - here is my series thus far - all are 24 x 36 (inches) except the second one down which is 18 x 24 (inches) - the first in the series is actually the last in this row, then sequentially move up.


  1. since all these paintings are a general interpretation of memory, I think I will now focus the series on specific memories.
    it will be an interesting process for me to try to incorporate some very specific feelings and ideas.

  2. Blogger was acting up on me today.

    Any way, these paintings look great and the process is really awsome. I am interested to see the difference between these and the ones that you paint where you try to reference specific memories.

    FYI, I got your package of paintings today! I am very excited about solving these little puzzles.


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