Monday, September 24, 2007


I might start making bookmarks for my etsy shop...let me know what you think of this one. One side would be info about me and the other would be a little watercolor painting like this one.

Also, do you trade art cards?


  1. no, just kidding!

    I love your illustrations - would the bookmarks be original watercolors? that would be pretty cool - although, I wouldn't want to mess one up by using it... you should have them printed or at least laminated.
    I really think notecards would be a great idea. just have your images printed as notecards. I've printed some at home for my own use and I gave Cathy some of the image of the flower painting she bought - she thought it was awesome to have cards to send to people that showed the painting that she has hanging in her office.

    by the way, where are their feet?

  2. oh yeah, I haven't done art cards but they sound intriguing and fun. I'll have to check the specs because maybe the size is the same as the magazine subscription cards I've been drawing on - that would work. I was also thinking of putting those up on etsy for $1 or something - what do you think?


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