Sunday, August 05, 2007

World Art Project

Hey check this website out:

Lou Rizzolo was one of my teachers at Western. In fact, he was my main watercolor teacher--I ended up taking his class every semester and he was my main mentor at Western...the reason I ended up focusing on watercolor painting instead of oil painting...he was also the instructor for the International Workshop that I went to in Glasgow, Scotland.


  1. cool - I've been looking through the site and following some links... did you see the project with the huge tube (of plastic, I think) that was created by high school students? awesome collaborative work.
    did you read the mission statement?
    "...using the arts to promote global peace".

  2. I actually talked to him a few times about his various collaborative projects. When I was at Western he did the Michigan millennium project where he used lighthouses and large bonfires to outline Michigan, and then there was a picture taken from space...pretty wild.


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