Monday, August 27, 2007

Falcon and Vanity

Let me know what you think

The first one is either done or I am going to go back in and do a ton of overlapping circles. The second one is just the base of a new painting...I am thinking of painting a flower over it or a butterfly or something you suggest....


  1. I love the falcon - I think it is great how it is, but it would also look good with more dots - bigger but transparent...

    vanity: cool concept - quite a departure from your usual style. what's the inspiration? I really like the line quality of the hair on the left side figure and the hand and bag on the right side. I think a butterfly could look cool - big and off center..........

  2. I am going to digitally put larger dots on the falcon piece to see if I like it.

    The vanity piece is just exploring the idea of beauty and commenting on a distorted idea of beauty, a plastic idea of beauty. I think models can be beautiful, but then there are the individuals who are so empty inside they come across as vapid shells. I was particularly inspired when I was watching t.v. and I saw Paris Hilton pose with her youngest fan who was four years old. Paris just gave her lifeless look to the camera and was off, and then the mother of the four-year-old had her daughter do a Paris was really disturbing.

  3. that's sick - what does Paris Hilton do that could make someone a "fan"?

    yeah, the idea of beauty is interesting - Dove (soap) actually has a campaign to empower young girls and improve their self esteem because there are so many damaging effects of "beauty" in the media. it's ridiculous - and so many people think that "oh, those images in the media don't affect kids..." - with constant, subtle barrage of what is beautiful and what girls should do or be like, it most definitely affects them.

    anyway, great idea to digitally test an idea first... you're so smart!


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