Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Finished Pen & Ink of Orchid

Here it is, what do you think? Should I leave it or add some color?


  1. ok, here is my critique:

    I like the variety of line work you used - it is pretty dense with lines, which is good. however, I think it needs more contrast. maybe just darker lines on the darkest areas, you know what I mean?

    and I think the background could go either way - I like simple black and white drawing, but some of the other pieces you've done with a color wash look great - so, that one is a hard call. although, if you want to keep with the style you've been doing then a light wash (green?) would be cool.

  2. because I'm viewing your image on the internet, our colors may not be the same - so, if your darkest lines are really black, then ignore my contrast comment.

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