Monday, August 20, 2007

Sibling Revelry Statement

Kelly, here is another rough draft of our statement--let me know what you think

Beauty is a difficult concept: Ask a dozen people to define beauty and you would get a dozen answers. Despite its elusiveness to borders, beauty has an ability to be universal and to spark deep emotions and understandings in individuals. When an artist is able to capture a glimpse of simple, profound beauty, that artist is speaking to her audience in a manner equal to splashing cold water on their face--waking them up from a sleep to see the beauty of the everyday.

My sister and I have had a affection for painting and drawing to convey our conceptions of beauty. We have always sought to inspire each other and to push each other to create what we believe are true reflections of that glimpse of true beauty. We also find inspiration from other artists in various mediums: paintings, the written word, music, etc. The Internet allows us the ability to be exposed to countless artists trying to share their ideas.

This, our latest collaboration, is our effort to share our dialogue on beauty with as large of an audience that we can come across. We are writing and documenting our journey in completing a body of work that can be viewed as a cohesive effort to capture one idea of beauty. And as with so many destinations, the journey is the reward.

The main link within this newest body of work is simply its format: finished artwork measuring 6" X 6". (The 6" X 6" dimensions is actually a result of an undocumented collaboration that we did for my wedding; in which, we created 300 unique pieces of art depicting various flowers and gave them away as gifts to the wedding guests.)

The endgame of this collaboration is the completion of 100 unique pieces of art that we can share with others at one or more venues.


  1. the beginning is cliche, but this is just a draft.

  2. as a whole, I like it - although, it's all about beauty and I don't think I'm really trying to convey beauty - well, maybe just not in the common sense. I always feel that I'm trying to figure out what I'm thinking - or what I'm feeling - in my paintings. as if I'm trying to communicate something I don't even know - since every time I finish a painting it seems like something new to me, something I wasn't planning, but something that I can now look at and try to decipher (even if I have an intention in mind when I start).


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