Monday, May 12, 2014

Process to product - Thread Lace Composition #1

I have been working on new fiber pieces for my upcoming two-person fiber show in June at Live Coal Gallery. This series emerged out of a desire to translate my work into something more three dimensional. I can't remember exactly how I came up with the idea - I'm sure I was inspired by something I saw or another artists work, but nothing specific. Just like the idea that in art nothing is new - all art has influences whether you realize it or not - no one lives or creates in a vacuum. Also, no one can create anything exactly the way you do - no one else can have your personality - no one else can have your exact life experiences - all of which are embedded in the art you create.

adding some hand stitching after the initial machine stitching

before the finishing process

close up detail before the finishing process

Thread Composition #1 - mounted in hand made 8x8 inch shadow box

My son took this picture of me next to my piece at the opening of Detroit Artists Market All media show :)

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