Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Daily Visual Journal : Daily Gratitude

I have been working on a simple new Daily Visual Journal : Daily Gratitude. My original Daily Visual Journal has not been daily lately - I have been creating art everyday, but not in the style of my DVJ (I will soon, I swear). However, I had this little box that I wanted to use for something and then I had the idea of making small visual reminders of gratitude that would fit inside.

I started by creating lots of small cards that would fit inside, about 2 x 3 inches. I used watercolor paper that was painted on but not used for anything, so it had cool colors and patterns that would make a nice background. I also used some old manila file folders that I painted with gesso and some old poster board - I will need more cards eventually, but I think I started with about 40, which is enough to get me started.

After a few days of creating the cards at different times, trying to work it into my schedule, I decided that I wanted to use these as a type of morning meditation. So, I am choosing a word for the day - writing it on the card (adding more details or decoration as I want) - sitting quietly, breathing, and focusing on the word and what it means to me. I am also writing the date on the back with a short sentence about the reason for choosing the word.

This process is helping me to slow down and focus at the start of my day. I'm going to start sharing them here, feel free to join me in the process, I would love to see the gratitude you share.

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