Friday, September 20, 2013

what is your process?

I finished this work and started the next one. I'm really enjoying the texture of these pieces and the meditative quality of the stitching. I've been asked how I stitch my pieces - do I just lay threads down and stitch over them; do I sketch out a design; do the pieces evolve intuitively? Yes, yes, and yes, although not always all three directions with each piece. Sometimes I have an idea of the finished piece, like how much texture or how much paint, and then I choose the colors I want to use and lay them down and start stitching. Rearranging as necessary to get the right composition. Sometimes I sketch out an idea and get very specific about what stitch I will use, what type of fiber, and whether it will be painted over or not. Sometimes it is completely an intuitive process and it develops as I work on it. Regardless of how the piece evolves, my main intention is to create a sense of comfort with each piece. I always want to know how you feel when you look at my art - in person or online, so if you want to let me know, mention it in the comments - thanks :)

the finished piece followed by in progress picture with detail shots:


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