Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What inspires you and informs your art?

I have always been inspired by lines and texture of all kinds and I'm constantly looking to see what I can find that I might be able to translate into something for my fiber art. If I can't get a picture of it with my phone or camera, then I sketch out the idea on whatever paper I have with me. Sometimes it is the way lines are intersecting on the ground, or the space between tree branches that gets my attention. 

I also search the internet for images of the universe and microscopic images of all kinds. I am amazed with how some microscopic images of plants resemble knitting! In fact, I created a series of work last December for a solo show called "Inside / Out" and many of the pieces were inspired by microscopic plant images. What inspires you?

Here are just a couple images I took recently:

Water condensation on the outside of a dumpster. 

The scuffed floor of the theater where my kids perform. 

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