Monday, September 02, 2013

back to school indifference

I'm not sure how I feel about my kids going back to school. Other people seem to be excited about getting back to the school routine, but I'm feeling a little sad. I've enjoyed our slow mornings without an agenda, plenty of time to work on projects, read, play Minecraft...

Yesterday my daughter spent over three hours making a pair of goggles out of supplies she found around the house: thick cardboard tube, leather scraps, elastic, scraps of silver and copper from my jewelry supplies, and clear plastic. She took time to measure the how the tube would be shaped on the side of her face, she made a paper pattern of the tube so she could cut the leather to cover it perfectly. She is so proud of her creation. I asked her why she was making them and she explained that when she looked through the cardboard tube she was inspired to make goggles. Even a great art program at school wouldn't have all those materials and definitely would not allow the time needed.

And last Friday my daughter  spent hours writing about a world that has become a blog for role playing called Medieval Roleplay: The World of Ebryettan.  Then both kids spent about three hours with a friend planning, acting, and recording the first installment of their role play game.

Minecraft has become a favorite game in our house and my son decided to record a vlog: My First VLOG (video recording and editing help from dad).

Hopefully school doesn't suck all their motivation and inspiration but instead fills them with more ideas and friends to share things with.

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