Friday, September 06, 2013

routines are a good thing...

So, we made through the first week of school and everyone is doing well, but tired. The need to get up early is a little challenging right now, but we're making it to the bus on time. The routine of school has made me realize that I have been neglecting a routine for myself. I was in the habit of waking at 5am to get my work started while everyone else was sleeping, and this summer I skipped that more and more as the days came and went. I did get work done, but I know I can get so much more accomplished with even one extra hour each day. I also know I can get a lot done when I have a plan, so here goes - this week / month I will:

  • Wake up (and actually get out of bed) at 5am and work on fabric pieces
  • Prepare my fabrics for projects by washing the fabric, dyeing or printing on it, putting it into an embroidery hoop, picking some thread colors...
  • Plan to finish at least one piece per day
  • Write better description for my art that is posted on Etsy 
  • Prepare all art work images and text for new website
  • Prepare new online fiber workshop for FAMM, similar to this one
  • Re-establish by health routine: running, weights, and meal planning
  • Continue posting images on Facebook with descriptions, not just sharing without comment
  • Clear the clutter - this proves to be so difficult for me... sad to say I haven't made progress with that this week
  • Go to more gallery openings - in fact, tonight I am going to two: Live Coal Gallery and the Grosse Pointe Art Center member show in which I will show this piece:
Vintage Burst, 20" x 20", cotton and acrylic

Maybe I need an accountability partner or group... How does everyone else stay motivated and consistent?


  1. Well that is my biggest struggle... not found the answers! my new job is also working from home so I have found my art getting really neglected. I had a plan of up early, meditate, go for a walk, 2 hours of art and then do my case work... Today was meant to be the day I started this. I done everything accept the art!!!!!! ... there is all ways tomorrow right? .. Your post has inspired me though. Thank you x

    1. Hi Emma - glad you're inspired :) I feel like if I write it down it will help keep me accountable, but still sometimes it just doesn't happen. Yes! tomorrow is another day - it sounds like you did a lot towards your goal today, so good luck. Working from home can almost make it more difficult because there are so many easy distractions, but I like your idea of actually making the schedule. I went for a run this morning even though I really didn't feel like it... but now I feel great and will get the rest of my errands done and then work on art for as long as I can!


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