Thursday, June 17, 2010

Work-in-progress; background for Hope series

Kelly, I finished (?) the background for one of my "Hope" paintings. This is the large panel piece (58.5" x 47"). The picture is not great, but just let me know your thoughts.


  1. I like the composition - the colors seem really dark unless that is just the photo. are you going to paint over it or ink drawing? will a bird be going in? what colors?

  2. The plan is to have two life size hummingbirds, one towards the tope left and one towards the middle far right. I was planning on painting them as white and gold/brown. I did not think about an ink drawing. Do you think I could paint the birds in shades of white and blue and then do an ink drawing for the details?

  3. do you mean life size in relation to the trees or actual size so they will be really large?
    I think white and gold/brown will look great - I asked about the ink because I thought it would get lost on the dark background - using ink for details might work...

  4. actual size -- approx 3"


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