Thursday, September 14, 2006



  1. awesome -

    I especially like the top drawing - although I think it is sideways. It reminds me of your watercolor and city scene paintings where you have two thinks going on at once. it's a nice contrast of colors.

  2. It was drawn the other way, but I think I like the top drawing the way it is displayed. I will do a watercolor this weekend using some of the elements in my sketches that are strong.

    I am not really sure if I like the red ink over drawings. I think I was probably too timid with the middle and bottom drawing, and the top drawing works a little better because I didn't care.

    The two commuter train sketches with the leaf drawings are from a scene on the commuter rail that I really wanted to capture. I might try to capture it again in the future, but just for some background: the sketches were of this giant of a man (easily 6' 6"). He had a really weathered, soulfull face--deep lines and very searching/careing eyes. He was taking care of his two young children, one was a girl about Grace's age and the other was a mentally challenged son who was probably around 18.
    He was just taking them both on a ride on the train because neither of them had ever been on a train. The son started acting out of few stops into the trip, but the man in a very even toned soft voice calmed his son down.
    It was a very moving scene.

  3. I forgot what sketches I posted--only the bottom sketch has to do with the guy talked about above.

  4. I like the drawing sideways as well - it is something familiar but abstract at the same time.

    it does seem that with the top drawing you were a little more confidant - the other ones look tighter (does that make sense?)

    I can't wait to see what paintings you do with these sketches...


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