Monday, March 10, 2014

Letting go of control

I've been spending a lot of time organizing all my fabric, thread, and yarns for my upcoming online workshops and for my sanity. I'm not sure how other artists stay organized - I have seen some pictures of beautiful studios with everything accessible and the work surface clean - I would love to know the secrets!

Anyway, my daughter is my studio assistant (when she isn't playing games on the computer) and she had a wonderful idea for packaging some fabrics and threads. I was getting picky about how she was putting it together and annoyed with how long she was taking when I realized that I just needed to let go of controlling the whole thing. She is very creative and there was no hurry to get these done. What she came up with is beautiful and I'm so happy with it and can't wait to give some of these away :)


  1. What a beautiful little package! How nice to have a studio assistant!

    1. I know! she does a great job, but only works when she feels like it and isn't playing on the computer :) She also made a little card that is at the bottom of the fabric to help the package keep its shape and she wrote a super sweet note on it...


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