Sunday, February 02, 2014

struggling to create a routine and move forward

Sometimes I have so many great projects and ideas I want to start that I get to a near panic mode and can't start anything. Or I start everything but can't decide which one to finish. I tend to work in bursts of focused energy on one project, then forget about it. I have a feeling this is poor planning. So, I actually bought a 2014 planner this year so that I would write down lists of things to do, mark some deadlines for personal projects and art show entries, become more organized with the work I want to do… but most of the pages in my planner currently look like this:

I can no longer say that I don't have time to work on my art. I have time. I am busy, like everyone else, with work and family and [fill in the blank] - but when I have time that isn't scheduled for something or someone else, I end up wasting half that time trying to figure out what to work on - not very effective… So, I am working on a strategy - trying to incorporate ideas that I've been learning about during the past year and figuring out work works for me. I really like having a routine and need to establish one again, even though my daily schedule is unpredictable at times.

I will start with my Daily Visual Journal - today - I'm going to create a new routine around this and it will be different than what I have done in the past. I need to make it work for me in the sense that I want to use it to help me focus on slowing down, appreciating what I already have, and moving forward.

I have managed to create a few things in a burst of focused energy...
Still working on my new website - so these earrings are not yet posted for sale but they will be soon!
(a few are on Etsy and my current website)

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