Friday, August 09, 2013

Indie Interview at Hey Paul Studios

I really enjoyed doing this interview for Kristen over at Hey Paul Studios as part of her Indie Interview series. "The purpose of this series is to create an opportunity for independent embroidery artists to connect, tell stories of their creative ventures, and to share their art work." I really appreciate that she takes the time to ask relevant questions about my work and process that drives what I make. I also really appreciate that she emailed the questions to me so I would be able to take my time and give more thought out answers. I sometimes struggle with live interviews, or even questions at an opening. I struggle to find the right answers, or just feel nervous that someone is waiting on my answer... which is a little strange since with people I know well, I will talk endlessly. I think there is something so personal about creating artwork that when I need to explain it, it feels like I'm reading my diary or something (I don't actually keep a diary). It's just a very personal experience. However, the more I write about my process of creating and my intentions for my work, the more comfortable I a with it and the more I learn about my own process - I work very intuitively and don't always have a finished product in mind, but after things are finished I can more easily see a direction or a theme and look at the work critically to understand what I was doing. I'm not sure any of that makes sense. Anyway, go over and read the interview!

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