Saturday, July 13, 2013

Please join me for an online embroidery workshop - Stitch Therapy - beginning July 22, 2013

Stitch Therapy - a self-paced online embroidery workshop

Begins July 22

This is a self paced workshop and class sign ups end Sept. 30th

4 Lessons/4 Weeks=$40.00 usd

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Description: Using fiber art as a method for personal awareness and healing. I will show you my process and techniques for creating a fiber art painting using new and recycled materials.

The idea for this series of work began with a combination of my passion for fiber art and my practice of art therapy. As a therapist, it is important for me to remember that every person I meet has their own life experiences and processes those experiences differently. I never know exactly where someone is coming from.

I have also learned through my art therapy (and personal) experience that what we present to the world is not always consistent with how we are feeling.

I use this process to create some order from the chaos. To put together scraps and bits of everyday life. Repairing, healing, layering - slowing down, enjoying the relaxing and meditative process - to feel the materials and hear them as I pierce the fabric with a needle and pull thread through. It's about taking time, listening, feeling, and healing.

List of materials:
-fabric - any kind will work. I use a lot of cotton muslin (bleached or unbleached)

-embroidery needle - I prefer to use size 2 crewel embroidery needles, they feel sturdy enough to go through heavier fabric or painted fabric.

-Thread - regular sewing thread and colorful embroidery thread (collect all your snipped thread from other sewing projects)

-10" Embroidery hoop - I prefer to use wood embroider hoops

-Gesso and / or acrylic paint

Optional: yarn, paper, ribbon, ric-rak, sewing machine, stretcher bars
4 Lessons:
 * This workshop explores techniques, which I hope you will do - I will not give step-by-step instructions on how to create your final piece. The process is part of the discovery.
1. Gather supplies including scraps from your daily life (threads, fabric, paper, wrappers...)
2. Practice techniques and sketch design
3. Work on fiber painting: stitching, painting, stitching some more
4. Finish final piece: add any details, finish the edges, stretch onto stretcher bars, and wire the back for hanging

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