Friday, May 02, 2008

Top 5 Etsy shops of the week

Colleen Baran
current exhibit, this is the last weekend at CBAC.
you can see her blog here. awesome combination of materials! I love the felt series - totally unexpected and such a unique blend of textures - smooth silver with fuzzy colorful felt. Other pieces really focus on line and shape and the rings appear to float on the hand like miniature sculptures.

Melissa Beal
so much fun - her jewelry makes me smile. and I think I would look great with a mustache. I am always on the lookout for unique jewelry or art in general - someone who uses materials in an unexpected way. Melissa Beal makes these great little brooches with felt that are hand-stitched and filled with stuffing. They have such a strong shape that it kind of looks like wearing a cool illustration.

Elizabeth Rosas jewelry
organic, beautifully textured - I love the simplicity of these pieces and how the texture is prominent. The craftsmanship is excellent and hammered bands on the rings looks awesome - I love when jewelry artists include the details that make the work look hand made but still so professional. She also casts pieces from nature to create one-of-a-kind pieces - very cool.

Harmony Metals
beautiful, delicate jewelry - very organic - each piece (especially the rings) is so intimate and well-crafted. There are some rings with bead shapes in the center which remind me of nests with eggs - a very comforting and nurturing image. Also a lot of the jewelry is made by watercasting which makes them one-of-a-kind. I tried to search on google for a definition or description of that process, but no luck. (I'll send a note and ask Harmony Metals).
"watercasting is a lot of fun...and is actually easy...but there are factors that go into it to get certain shapes....

basically what you do is melt metal...and drop it in get all different shapes and you can make anything with them...i just absolutely love the randomness of it all...
the factors would be the amount of water and the height that you drop the metal at..." HarmonyMetals

whimsical and fun - Talula takes old bits and pieces of discarded jewelry and recycles them into awesome new treasures. Her work reminds me of rummaging through my grandmothers jewelry box and finding big, beautiful brooches, necklace and rings. Talula does a great job of combining different elements without going overboard. Each piece also has a little story to go with it... the image pictured is titiled No. 440 A Secret Life -
description: "Who would have guessed it. Mrs. Cockerham, PTA President, Citizen of the Year, perfect wife and mother....a secret agent! You can't judge a book by it's cover.... or a housewife by her handgun!"


  1. I also noticed that each of these artists have great photos of their pieces - that helps so much with presentation.

  2. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Beautiful pics! Helps so much with presentation. The felt ring is soo cute! I love that color green.

  3. You did so well with these features! Great picks!

  4. Wow - great shops! Love that bunny brooch :o)

  5. Thanks so much for the lovely feature!

    A charming shop selection. I love the little felt creature brooches. They've been on my list of Etsy favs as well.


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