Friday, October 26, 2007

new project

I am working on a new recycling project... here is the statement for it so far:

so, I unraveled my old pink sweater so that I could use it in other projects - recycling. My old pink sweater is one of the first purchases I made with my own money that I earned at my first job during my senior year in high school. I didn't have any bills so I decided to buy myself some nice clothes. I can distinctly remember driving up to the Village and going into the Ann Taylor store. I tried on a bunch of stuff and decided upon the pink chenille sweater and a green one just like it. I loved these sweaters - short sleeve t-shirt style - so cozy that I wore them for about ten years (on and off). One time that I took the pink sweater to the dry cleaners and when I got it back it had a hole in the back - I was so upset. I sewed the hole up with some pink thread that I had, but it wasn't an exact match - that bothered me, but I don't know why I didn't just go buy matching thread... hmmm. Anyway, both sweaters were getting so worn out that I decided I needed to get rid of them, but I couldn't bear to throw or give it away so I figured the next best thing would be to reuse the yarn and give it a new life.
I also inspired to recycle more - it is pretty amazing how much stuff I throw away on a regular basis. I want to start reusing yarn, paper, fabric - all the scraps can be turned into something new.
I started by creating a long i-cord to which I connected a handful of crocheted silver spheres - it's not quite finished yet.
next, I had already decided to make some earrings using fibers and my old pink sweater was a great start. I took the yarn and made "bits" of knotted bunches with embroidery thread and beads sewn into the piece. These 'bits' will be used for earrings, pendants, and other stuff (whatever I come up with).

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