Thursday, April 19, 2007



  1. the details in the flowers are great - is it all watercolor in the background?
    I like the idea of white - it's very ethereal - maybe a little more detail in the wings, or just the shoulder part of the wings - I like the minimal black detail on the birds face, maybe extend that a little to the wings.
    is this reflecting on VA Tech?
    that's the first thing I thought of when I saw it (and the title)

  2. I was sure if I liked it or not, it does need something more (I was thinking about that on the way in to work today). I will either put more detail into the wings, or behind the wings to make them stand out more. I tried to add color to have a subtle outline to make the wings stand out, but it did not work.

    The background is watercolor, and the white it a bunch of differenty white pencils. I actually ran out of black ink, so that was probably a problem.

    The painting is a reflection on the VT violence. The whole thing makes me sick.

    I just cannot understand an individual being engulfed in a cloud of anger and confusion, who then destroys so many families. And then there are a ton of warnings, and potential wannabe copiers, popping up all over—there was an idiot in Boston who made threats to two girls and related his mindset to the VT incident (and he made these threats Monday night). How are we failing as a society, and how can we correct our failings?

    I am even more a proponent of gun control now...there were all these warning signs, and yet he was able to buy a gun without any difficulty. There should be a national database that allows individuals (under oath) to post legitimate concerns about abnormal, violent behavior of other individuals—it would be like a comment period that is followed for certain regulatory approvals. It would allow for more government oversight and if enough legitimate red flags are noticed, then that person would not be able to get a gun. It would delay any individual from getting a gun, which is a good thing. I am sick of the “it’s a constitutional right to own a gun,” that’s fine, but the red coats aren’t coming, so there can be extensive, exhaustive, and highly burdensome government safeguards.

  3. I fully agree with you about gun control - there need to be way more regulations to get a gun.
    I'm shocked that with all the signs he already gave that nothing more was done to help this kid - he was obviously suffering and needed serious help and probably hospitalization.
    my interests in art therapy keep leading me to prevention - and wanting to work with kids, adolescents and families to prevent all the anxiety and depression that lead to this kind of mess.


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