Sunday, October 29, 2006


Here is another attempt at a train painting. I was going for a feeling of optimism, but I think it ended up more "watch out for the Ghost Flower!"

Let me know what you think...and if you have any suggestions. I might just use this as a sketch for a larger painting, so if there are any elements that you like, let me know.


  1. I love the colors - they look great -
    my immediate reaction was more of an optimistic feeling like you were going for.
    I also really like the way the lines are continued at the top but the details of the train are left out - but the details of the flower are focused on.
    what about trying a different flower?
    although, a sunflower really is a happy, optimistic kind of flower...

  2. I think maybe I should draw the flower first and then the painting. I think I am going to paint a still life with the pen and ink really segregated from the watercolor.

    Also, even though this painting looks like it is on thin paper that is warping because of the water--it actually isn't, the scan is just bad. Anyway, Mel and I are going to Florida this coming weekend because it is the only time she gets off of work, so I am going to take my book and finish it and then just post it on the website you sent me.
    How is everything going with you?

  3. I think if you draw the flower first it will be more integrated into the painting -
    have fun in florida -
    Happy Halloween!!!
    we're are going trick-or-treating tonight - I'll send pictures -

    I have a few more pages in my visual journal - I'll try to scan and post those later -


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