Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 - a visual review

With the new year starting in a few days, I am taking time to review my accomplishments of 2013 and make plans for 2014. It has been a busy year full of new work and opportunities. 

I created a lot of new work and some pieces were exhibited in shows:  
Texture Intertwined, Live Coal Gallery, Detroit, April 2013
** Gallery representation and part of two-person inaugural exhibition for this new gallery in Detroit
** plus, I was commissioned to paint a mural for the side of the gallery building! (This was a great experience)

String Theory, DC3, Detroit, June 2013
*Invitational fiber art show with other local artists

National Fiber Show, Grosse Pointe Art Center, June 2013

Annual Members Show, Grosse Pointe Art Center, Sept. 2013

21st Annual Canton Fine Arts Exhibition, Canton Village Theater, October 2013

Holiday Sparks, Annual Members Show, Live Coal Gallery, Detroit, December 2013


I created and published an ebook for iTunes - Daily Visual Journal
I created some workshops that are hosted on Fiber Arts and Mixed Media website (more information can be found on my website)

I was also part of a team of expressive therapists that taught a master class workshop at this years Expressive Therapies Summit in New York

I am looking forward to continuing this momentum through 2014 - some things in the works:
- New work (jewelry, wall pieces, and larger sculptural pieces)
- An updated website with shopping cart system
- Central location for online workshops 
- A new website for Daily Visual Journal - look forward to interviews, inspiration, and more!
- I might possibly start an affiliate/commission program because I would really like to have some people test my jewelry, showcase it, and help sell it (let me know if you're interested).

So, what about you? What did you accomplish in 2013 and what will 2014 look like for you?
Happy New Year!


  1. This is so cool. I have not heard too much about this type of art, but it should be more recognized. This coming year I hope to take many more photographs and figure out some way to display them.

    1. Thank you Anna - I've always loved fibers and I see it more and more in galleries lately. I also love photography - good luck with yours.


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