Sunday, October 27, 2013

thoughts on resistance and getting things done

Do you ever have these great creative ideas that you are so excited to start working on, and then after a little bit of progress you stop? You think it's not that great of an idea after all... or maybe no one else will think it's cool... or you just put it aside and find it under a pile of papers on your desk a month later.

So, what is the deal with this resistance? I started this post 4 weeks ago and haven't posted anything since then. I've really been trying to get work done. I've been reading books, blog posts, articles... still, it just happens - I leave things undone. Sometimes for a long time. I occasionally rationalize it with ideas like: 'if the idea was meant to happen, then I would have finished it', or 'I've been so busy, I had to put that project on hold'. Everyone is busy. I saw a quote recently that said, "you can have results or excuses, not both". Can't remember where I saw that, probably Pinterest. I'm beginning to wonder if the best and most important ideas that we have (by we, I mean me) are put on hold because of fear. Fear of putting myself out there. Fear of being judged or failing at the project. I makes some sense to me because I don't ever remember being a big procrastinator... I know I always finished things by the deadline - maybe the problem is that I don't have deadlines for my art or my writing anymore. Maybe it's time to set some deadlines. 

Either way, I've compiled a short list of things that I have found inspirational lately:
James Victore Burning Questions videos on YouTube
Danielle LaPorte
Art21 Magazine
My Inspiration board on Pinterest

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