Sunday, March 24, 2013

Planning a series of small fiber art pieces

When I'm not creating work for a specific show it can be difficult to decide what to do.... I've learned that I work well with deadlines and plans, for example: stitch 10 small composition study pieces by next week (or something like that). Then I can gather supplies and sketch out my ideas. Once I have the framework down, I can get the work done. Sometimes the longest part of it is planning out ideas by sifting through the materials and sketching - even then some ideas change as a piece starts coming together. To me, these pieces are all about composition and balance - something I feel I learned well from my years in black and white photography - only now, there is the added challenge of balancing colors and textures as well.
The pieces here are framed in black and behind glass (gallery pic below) - but I'm creating some new pieces that are on stretcher bars, so there will not be a black border or glass. I'm curious to know what you think....

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