Monday, April 16, 2012

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Do you think visual art needs to be explained?

Yes/No ... There are times where a viewer can have a greater appreciation for visual arts when they are given a particular context, which can be the artist's own thoughts on the piece or a critic's review of the work as compared to prior art. A piece of visual art should be able to stand on its own, but because a individual art viewer may have their own expertise that has not allowed them to experience a wide variety of art, it helps to have an expert in fine arts open that individual's eyes so that that the individual can have a truthful experience with the piece that is not hampered by their own prejudices about art.

Who is your favorite artist that we may not know about?

Topher Crowder

Do you think art education should be a part of elementary core curriculum?

Yes-- art education is often a crucial introduction to self-discovery, which leads to empathy, which leads to better citizens.

What are your favorite online sources for art / creative news and information?


The Huffington Post

Art Fag City

Have you ever worked on a collaborative art piece?

Yes -- I think collaborative pieces allow you to create pieces that are separate from your usual aesthetic choices, so that you can genuinely critique yourself

Do you show your work anywhere? Tell me about it.

Yes, The River's Edge Gallery, Art Effect Gallery, and The Boll Family YMCA

Do you think there are specific roadblocks for women artists?

I wouldn't know -- I know a lot of powerful women artists doing great work who show regularly in this area. I think that there are several prejudices against women, namely regarding roles, which probably make it more difficult to be a professional artist.

Do you work full time on your art?

I work on my art everyday ... for various reasons, it is not my day job

What is your best advice for working artists?

You are a small business, so you need to be organized

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A good husband/father/brother/son/artist/lawyer/writer/

What is on your desk right now?

My computer

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