Thursday, March 22, 2012

Call for artists / crafters for collaborative project

I am starting a collaborative fiber piece that involves the community - not just my local area, but everywhere. I want to collect scraps from everyone who would like to participate and connect them into one finished fiber piece. Traditional fiber arts have long been a source of communication and stress reduction, as in the quilting circles of the past, and current knitting nights, where artists gather to work on a quilt and talk with other artist/crafters. It's not always practical in our busy lives to get together for hours of artwork, so I would like to use technology to reach out and start a visual conversation with other artists and crafters - please join me in this collaborative art project.

When the piece is complete I would like to auction it to raise money for a non-profit that I'm starting that will provide art education and art therapy to children and their families.

"Repair" - mixed media 2012
Here are the participation guidelines:
- send me an envelope with your scrap of fabric, yarn, ribbon, paper... from your current art project or from something else you have been working on.
- Include a 3x5 index card with your name, email, links to your stuff online, and a description of where (what project) your scrap came from.
- by participating you agree to the following:
-- you are donating your scraps and will not get any compensation in return (except the joy of being part of an awesome collaborative art project!)
-- you agree to let me post information about your project and any links to you online that you provide. (I will not post anything about you that you don't want me to).
- there are no costs to participate other than the postage for mailing the envelope to me
- I will post images of work in progress at least once a week depending on participation

you will need to send an email to to let me know you are interested and I will send you an address to mail your envelope.

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