Friday, September 23, 2011

new fiber work - lots of texture!

I have been working on some mixed media pieces focusing on texture - I have been enjoying this work immensely. I think it is interesting that on the knit pieces you can see through the work - so, the color of the wall it hangs on will change the overall look of the piece. With some of these pieces I intended for the back of the piece to be visible, but not sure how practical that would be...  but the idea that we hide or cover or somehow alter the image we present to the world, but if we could see behind the facade we would find a lot of interesting 'texture'.
Chaos (Red) 13 x 13

Chaos (White) 13 x 13

Comfort 30 x 50

Control 13 x 13

Hidden 13 x 13

Thinking of Mary 30 x 50


  1. Kelly, these are beautiful! What an inspiration as I procrastinate on-line...!

  2. These are very good!

  3. "comfort" ... one of my favorites!


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