Monday, August 09, 2010

Inspiration, where are you?

I have been searching the internet lately for inspiration. Inspiration for creativity. I'm looking for some cool techniques or amazing artists to make me gasp - to make me feel in my gut that emotion - it's like being excited - like I've just discovered a treasure... I don't know how to describe it, but I know when I see something and I have to save it so I can look at it over and over again - like when you get a new album and listen to it nonstop for a week. (are they even called albums anymore?)

This search for inspiration often, at least lately, involves texture - like knitting or multiple layers of fabric or multiple layers of one main element. I'm fascinated with stitching - not cute country crosswork - but work like Tilleke Schwarz - it's embroidery, but unexpected - it tells a story somehow - visually - non-linear. (this piece is "Tree of life",1994, 75 x 70 cm)

I like the texture created by the shadows in this work by Elisa D'Arrigo. Her work soft from a distance but she often laminates the material to stiffen it - I like the contrast of what the piece looks like and what it would actually feel like. (this piece is "Recollection…pink (1)”, 2006)

And my favorite blog lately is by Abigail Doan - I discovered her work a few years ago and fell in love. On her blog she is always posting amazing work and artists and shows... there is something so visceral about fiber work - I can't get enough.

what inspires you?

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