Friday, July 23, 2010


So I stopped by the Wordage exhibit at the Detroit Artists Market, and our old art teacher Jack O. Summers did a great job curating this exhibit. It was cohesive and had strong pieces on either side of the gallery that anchored the show. The show highlighted diverse artists who had unique styles, and almost every piece was captivating. I really was drawn into the pieces and intrigued by the hidden meanings or stories of the pieces. I have found that artwork that employs text often comes across as too commercial, too tacky, or too simplistic (trying to walk the viewer through a painting too the point of making them feel like an idiot). But Jack avoided the clichés and put together a sophisticated, fluid, and inspiring show. I didn't get the names of the artists who did all of the pieces that I liked, but here are pictures of the two pieces that I thought were the strongest of the show (the one with the red boot is by Dick Goody and the large "Don't Care" panoramic painting is by Lynn Galbreath).

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