Monday, July 13, 2009

Visual Journal Mosaic

now that I have been creating a new visual journal image every day for a little over a month, I think it is officially a habit. I decided I need to start writing a little bit about each image or at least jot down something about the day... I like to look back and compare the image with what was going on that day, but I can't remember most of these days. Sometimes the image has something to do with what the day, but other times it seems completely random. I think by writing about the day, even if I just list things, then looking back at images after some time will be more interesting and insightful.

1. 6_5_09.jpg, 2. 6_6_09.jpg, 3. 6_7_09.jpg, 4. 6_8_09.jpg, 5. 6_9_09.jpg, 6. 6_10_09.jpg, 7. 6_11_09, 8. 6_11_09b, 9. 6_12_09.jpg, 10. 6_13_09.jpg, 11. 6_14_09.jpg, 12. 6_15_09.jpg, 13. 6_16_09.jpg, 14. 6_17_09.jpg, 15. 6_18_09.jpg, 16. 6_19_09.jpg, 17. 6_20_09.jpg, 18. 6_21_09.jpg, 19. 6_22_09.jpg, 20. 6_23_09.jpg, 21. 6_24_09.jpg, 22. 6_25_09.jpg, 23. 6_26_09.jpg, 24. 6_27_09.jpg, 25. 6_28_09.jpg, 26. 6_29_09.jpg, 27. 6_30_09.jpg, 28. 7_1_09.jpg, 29. 7_2_09.jpg, 30. 7_3_09.jpg, 31. 7_4_09.jpg, 32. 7_5_09.jpg, 33. 7_6_09.jpg, 34. 7_7_09.jpg, 35. 7_8_09.jpg

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