Saturday, September 20, 2008

River's Edge Gallery

Originally uploaded by kellydarke
opening night of Primping, Pin-Ups, Painting and Pottery
The dates of the show will be September19th-November 7th.
Opening night September 19th 6pm-10pm
Additional meet the artists night October 17th

Kelly and Colin


  1. Kelly,

    Great to see you at your show:) Your work looks amazing... would love to be able to touch it and see it up close. Have you posted images of the work on the display behind you in the first pic? They are very cool!

  2. Hi Mary Ann -
    I do have some better pictures of that piece on my website:

    plus a close up.

    I'm thinking of doing some work that people can touch and handle as part of my art therapy research project... I'm still trying to think of ideas for it...


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