Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Mist

we just watched The Mist last night - what an awesome movie! Classic Stephen King creatures and suspense. but what I liked most about the movie is how much it makes you think about the human condition and what would people do if they were cut off from the rest of the world - no communication with anyone and monsters (or any life threatening crises) outside your door. Marcia Gay Harden is incredible as Ms. Carmody, an extreme bible preaching local who tries to convince everyone it is the "end of times"... Also, it has one of the most tragic and surprising movie endings ever - I don't usually gasp and yell "NO!" at the screen - I was completely shocked - I couldn't stop thinking about the movie all night.


  1. I still need to see it, it's one of my favorite Stephen King books that I've read about a hundred times! I really hope it's like the book.

  2. Lisa, I haven't read the book yet - I used to read tons of Stephen King books, but not lately. And most of the time the book is way better than the movie, so the book must be awesome.

  3. It's in a collection of short stories, but it is still a little over 100 pages long. I think it's in "Night Shift?" You should check it out though!


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