Friday, April 25, 2008

Top Five Etsy Shops of the Week

The following are the best shops on Etsy that I found this week. I was particularly facinated by the strong illustrators on Etsy, so that was the theme that developed---check these shops out and let me know what you think

Simply beautiful, decorative illustrations with watercolor, pencil, and ink, and then "digitally tweaked." Very creative use of materials.

The work in this shop is very well executed and conjures up feelings of lost, but treasured, childhood memories--these are digital collages, so interesting use of modern materials

This shop showcases stylized, whimsical illustrations. There is a stylized, very linier, character that appears to be in his pajamas and exploring (holding a star, riding a paper airplane)...a lot of fun

This shop, likewise, has stylized, whimsical illustrations. These illustrations remind me of illustrations done with cut paper (very deliberate shapes and colors). Cute images of owls eating ice cream or birds spotting UFOs

Very well executed watercolor illustrations of animals (in hats or taking care of babies, and such)

All of these shops also have great names!


  1. these are some of my favorites too!

  2. This is a lovely idea, I used to do it on my first blog on blogspot which ended up deleting but I've added my first one today, take a look because I've used photo's of their items too so people can get a better idea of what they sell plus it attracts more attention as I've seen others do it too.

  3. Thanks for featuring my work!

  4. awesome selections! I finally just got a chance to look at them all - all very cool.


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